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Rus clients inspection the subsurface pump barrel
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It's getting hotter in the July,PUYANG ZHONGSHI GROUP still manufacture the products to our client.In order to ensure the delivery time,our worker have no compaints during the producing.They are the beautiful people.We manufacture all the subsurface pump followed by API 11AX,including the pump barrel,plunger and surface finishes.These are the 5rd batch of pump barrel ordered by our Rus client who visit our factory to make the inspection.

Technical Performances:
1.The pump barrel is made of by using the high quality special-puurpose blank. The internal surface adopts the superficial  strengthening processing of chrome -planting or the nickel pthosphorus compound plating to achieve the good intensity, the rigidity, wearressistance and anticorrosion property.
2.The plunger surface uses the nickel base alloy powder to spurt welding to achieve good wear-resistance and anticorrosion property.
3.The valve ball and the valve seat being made of high-carbon chromium stainless steel or ceramics or tungsten carbide material to achieve longer life span.
4.The pump efficiency is high,pump inspection cycle is long.
5.Simple structure with easy installation and usage.

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